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i... i dont know where to start , my husband and i are both below 21 but above 18. we are lawfully married (with certificate) and i am currently pregnant with our second child. we have a daughter that just turned 1 this month. we need advice on housing (rental) , is there any possibility to rent from the hdb in our case ? my husband are working while studying at the same time. we dont receive so much help and we didn't apply anything (food ration , voucher etc) i guess , we just dont know how 🤷🏻‍♀️ to add on , we are currently staying at my mom's 1 room rental flat and there's like 7 of us in the house. it's very cramp , no space at all and soon ill be giving birth. my family doesn't help much 😌 even now... i have to fast as theres no food at all. i dont know what to do. please advice , thank you

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Hi it sounds like an overwhelming situation for you. My suggestion would be to approach a family service centre instead as their help will be more holistic. MP may help in terms of writing referrals to relevant agencies, offer one-off vouchers or rations and may also write in to hdb advocate for your application but ultimately they won't be able to case manage or go through the whole process with you. It does seem like you'll need assistance in several areas and it can be helpful to have a social worker to help you navigate the process. It can be stressful to deal with it on your own, more so when you're young parents with a toddler to care for and other daily necessities to worry for. I have included a fsc locator for your reference-

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• Yes you can get assistance from CDC/Family services nearby your current ic address. • And for hdb rental housings you guys have very high chances of getting a flat since you already have a child. • For any rejected matters above, you should quickly see the MP in your area to explain that you guys are studying and also working at the same time so they can do what's best. • Also there is the Social service at the hospital preferably KKH, please go see them too. Don't delay, go and quickly make the necessary arrangements as it takes time to process.

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Hi, I wrote an email to my MP asking about housing for young couples like you. He said they do assess and provide on a case by case basis, so do write in to your MP:) Also go to the nearest family service centre/social service office to seek help:) There are definitely many avenues for help in Singapore. For food help, see if there are any BelanjaEats places near you. Also try asking at the Goodhood app. Send me an email at [email protected] as well so I can send you some groceries:)

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Sorry to hear about your situation. You can go seek help from your MP on your housing issue. Your MP should be able to link you up. As for food ration, you can go to the nearest Social Service Centre or Voluntary Welfare Group for help too for now.

Hi , u may seek financial assistance from nearest family service centre .

I agree with Jas. Seek help from the MP