Is ur husband too close to his family?

I am getting really frustrated with my husband. He is super close to his family and we now got a baby about 7 months old. I understand we need to bring baby go in law every weekend. But sometimes baby want to sleep so we go later and he is angry with me,thinking I intentionally make him sleep. Though I don't like to go my in law place, I did not intentionally make him sleep. Then I am having running nose and dry throat, so I want to do ART test. He is not happy again cause he think i positive then cannot go his parent place. So he threatened me to say if I positive then he will buy formula milk to feed baby. I know they say u shld continue to breast feed even if positive. I wonder if his family is so important than me and my son. #1stimemom#firstbaby #advicepls

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If that’s the case then tell your in-laws straight up if baby gets cranky is because your husband don’t allow baby to sleep first. Everything all just blame your husband. He thinks this is a joke is it? By all means tell him to go himself first if he’s so eager. You’ll come after baby wakes up cause your baby needs you more than anyone else in the whole wide world. Ugh cannot stand these kind of thoughtless selfish husbands. Baby sleep also got problem is it? Can die is it if go in-law place late? What’s his problem? Are you guys still going to your in-laws place? Yes right? So what’s the problem? Me and my husband always ask this question to each other if we disagree on anything. Makes us stop and ponder our actions cause really no answer to it. Lol. Tell your husband, you don’t want to hassle anyone when baby is cranky because babies need to take naps as much as they can for their development and growth. If not enough nap time, will disrupt their day and can affect feeding and bowel problems. Later you and your husband will be tired and angry when baby is cranky.

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2y ago

Understand. Tell your in-laws beforehand that you will come after baby’s nap. Whether or not they understand, is entirely up to them. At least you tell them already.

He can go alone. Baby nap is very impt.

2y ago

But the main purpose of going there is cause my in law want to see the baby...