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I have a very serious issue and I have no one to ask advise. I am currently staying with my mother and my sister in a 2 room flat, the room is occupied by my sister. Me and my husband currently pregnant at 36 weeks and my husband is Sikh while I'm Muslim and we got married civil marriage. My mother kept on asking us to make sure the baby is Muslim. Is that even fair? She keep on insisting this and that like as though it is her child. She mentioned if she is going to take care of our baby she wants the baby to be muslim. I personally do not want my baby to be muslim and me and my husband has been battling this religion thing for so long and i just hate that it's affecting our rs. So far me and my husband always agrees on everything together and have no issues only until my mother keep on bringing it up all the damn time. I really hate it. I really feel like moving out but we have no where else to stay. I am feeling so upset because even today my mom tried to control how we name our first born. It's so frustrating. What should I do? Where can I get temporary housing???

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You can go to HDB & try applying for a rental flat. They will escalate your case to get a flat asap, especially when you are heavily pregnant now. You can register & tell the officers that you got no place to stay right now & when the baby is born, it will be very difficult for you guys. Hopefully before you deliver, you will get a flat. Do prepare some money during collection of keys. For your mother case, it's better to have a talk with her. Tell her to give her fullest support to you & be much supportive. No harm talking to her in nicer way.

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