I have just gotten a new fresh maid and she will be helping me with housework and my baby. Besides training her in baby care and housework, what other tips do you have to ensure she does her work?

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I agree with R Gosh. The thing about helpers is that you have to be firm and clear about your expectations on the first few days. Just like how you'll start your first day at work, we tend to be more focus and will remember the nitty gritty when our superiors are telling us our expecatitions. However, do not treat her solely like a slave. She will be staying with you and caring for your kids and family so it'd be great if she's treated as a part of the family. However, draw the line firmly between employee-employer relationship whenever necessary.

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Speaking from someone who is having major issues with her maid right now. My biggest regret is not setting house rules from day one. Some things I would have done differently 1. Let her know when she can leave the house and when she cannot 2. No friends over - at all cost 3. No phone when she is working. 4. No internet until bed time 5. Set up a camera - because it's better to be safe than sorry 6. Ensure she knows that during working hours I expect her to work, she can do whatever she wants during non-working hours.

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