Negative pregnancy test

I have irregular periods but not every month. Example April 4th, may 4th then jun 11th and so on. Normally I have 30 days cycle and the longest cycle would be 38 days. We've been expecting on June so we decide to have it on my ovulation day. Like i said i had my period on 11th June. It has been 41 days cycle including today still no Periods. I had the pregnancy test in the morning 1st urine. The result was negative and I don't know how to give an answer to myself. The symptoms that I'm having? On my 15DPO I experienced pain around my tummy lower as I know abnormal pain like cramps. I can't even walk because of too pain. I did research it said the implantation camps. After 1 week I did another test still negative. Current symptom im having breast sore and i will wait to do the test this Sunday and wait for another results. Anyone having this kind of experiences out there?

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Tulis jawapan

hye dear, i feel u,... but i didnt believe it, i go to the clinic to check bcoz that time was already day 50,... and im not pregnant,.... and the doctor say when we think about it to much we will feel it, i think about pregnnt so much, i got the vomiting simpton, all the pain, lower cramp, all the simpton,... after that i bought the ovulation kit, to detect the ovulation day, and now im 17week pregnant🌹

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