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My baby refuse swaddling with her hands inside, will cry murdee... but then will get startle easily and keeps waking up. Any tips to prevent startling beside swaddling?
Startle reflex is normal in babies, it will disappear as they grow. Try to keep your body close to baby or draw her arms and legs closer to her body until she calms down
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Beansprout husk pillow? But be careful not to cover face
breast pump
Anybody see a difference in output between a hospital grade pump vs a Portable pump? Contemplating to buy a hospital grade pump instead... since output is low
The suction power is higher for hospital grade pumps, but they are heavier to bring around
Spectra S1 is great
Yes definitely for me! I use my spectra s1 versus s9 and s1 clear my boobs very well. If u intend to breastfeed for a while or intend to have more kids, it is worth to invest in a s1. :)
LO not sleeping well
Need opinion on this. Newborn not sleeping well at night. Keeps waking up few mins. Fists tend to be clenched and knees bend. Will try all sorts to keep baby satisfied, feed, burp, change nappy but st
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Do you swaddle your LO? Best to swaddle/put on ltd..
Hope all ok, think should see doctor. If in the unfortunate situation, it is some health condition, diagnosing early and treating early always improve chance of recovery significantly, take care ya
Normal. If you're worried, bring see Doctor. ,
Can check with pediatrician or consultant . Not sure why