I have a daily dilemma , my husband snore so loud at night and i cant sleep. How can I tell him the issue in a nice way? Is there any remedy to stop snoring ? Photo source : (http://cdn.someecards.com/posts/wife-texts-husband-what-he-says-in-his-sleep-8Xw.jpg)

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There are tons of remedies to fix snoring. Basically, you just need to understand that snoring is usually clogged by obstructed breathing, or the vibration of your soft palette (uvula). Try to introduce different sleeping positions for your husband in an encouraging way, and try to calmly explain that his snoring is causing you sleepign troubles! Surely, he'll understand.

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Watsons is selling an anti-snoring ring that you might want to give to your spouse. Here's the link: https://antisnor.com/