SIDS Awareness Month

October - #SIDSAwarenessMonth!⁠ . . Being a first time mom can be overwhelming, I am still learning the basics of how to take care of new born babies. I have attended talks about parenting 101 and I learned that safe sleep is most important because it helps to lower the cause of SIDs. So whenever I put @xlsdv to sleep I always make sure that he is swaddled while I put him to sleep and tuck him in bed at night. I always check on him if he is comfortably sleeping and not to disturb him while he slumbers. ⁠. . A little info about SIDS: . . Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or #SIDS is the sudden, unexpected death of an infant during sleep. While the actual causes of SIDS are unknown, research confirms that a safe sleep environment can help prevent it. ⁠ #SafeSleepSolutions

SIDS Awareness Month
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Thanks for sharing momsh❣️🥰

4y ago

Anu po yun sis bawal padapa na natutulog si baby habang karga karga dapat tihaya lang po ba ? Thanks..

Thank you for the tips 😍