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Hi mommys I want to share my situation and I would like to hear a piece of advice, I’m a first time mom and my baby is 7months old my husband is a OFW so initially he is not always around. He says before that he like us to sleep in his side every weekend I said that it will be too hard for me since a baby have many stuffs like clothes bottles diapers etc and then we agreed that it will be twice a month, still I’m worrying for my baby about traveling even tho it’s only house to house I don’t even know how expose my inlaws when they’re getting outside plus it’s really hard for me since baby have routines specially in sleeping so its hard for us to fall asleep in different environment. My husband is aware on this I’m open with him but all I can hear from him is that “you can do it” it’s stressing me out.

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I can relate to you mommy. Before, we just do visits. Not sleep overs. Normally Sunday. We go to my side early in the morning and then we left before sunsets.