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I have a beautiful 14mths old baby girl (my one and only). Shes a toddler and thus, it is normal to be very active and sometimes cranky or having bouts of tantrums. I feel like a single parent at home tending my baby by myself although i have a husband. My girl doest want to be with the father. She would cry murder with tears rolling and would jerk and arch her body backwards not wanting to be held by the father. Im stressed coz i dun know wot to do. I cant even shower, go toilet or do anything without her being by myself. Had to babywear it gets bad. She has started walking but refuses to and will cling on me at times. It stressed me out when the father shouts at her whenever shes crying or having tantrums. He will say something like not wanting her to be showing tantrums and that he cannot stand her cryings/noise. This is like handling 2 difficult beings all my myself. But the father is definitely the main stress toxic factor. Is it normal for anyone of you moms to be facing similar situation where baby doesnt want the father? Please spare some advises to help a depressed helpless FTM, here. I am trying my very best to not crack and to remain composed because i know my baby needs me.

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Ur baby dun trust and feel comfortable with him . She feels scared of your husband so she clings to u which makes her feel more secure . Kids are innocent . We need lots of patience but patience is what ur husband doesn't have . Kids shud not shout at them but more on talk to them nicely and try to understand them . Unless they really did smth very wrong luh . But I guess the only way now is for ur husband to try gain back the trust from ur baby . Maybe try to attend some parent seminar , not for u but for ur husband to understand, family bonding show ur baby that papa is not a bad person . But all this things takes 2 hands to clap luh . If one doesn't have a interest in trying than it's very hard . Ur kid is being traumatised that's what I can say . Maybe when abit older u can bring her to the therapist . I did that for my first child cause same problem as u , she got traumatised by her previous father . Can cure early just try no harm trying therapist .

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Though I haven’t experienced this, I feel like your girl is also stressed and afraid of her dad so she keeps sticking to you for safety. The next time dad does this, be firm with him and explain that it does not help the situation. Best thing is he remove himself from the situation or learn how to be patient.

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I think better to talk to your husband, have a good talk with him outside. Let him understand that it's not healthy for the child if his or her parents keep shouting at them etc It's natural that your child is clingy now, hopefully it gets better when she starts school (:

Can understand your stress.. mayb can discuss with ur hubby to be more patient when ur lo crying...not to shout at her... Smile with her... Play with her. Buy toys for her.. I believe slowly your lo will accept ur hubby to hug her..

My hubby is like that too Honestly I ignore him and do solo parenting at times U have to try and change your mindset n you will feel happier

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Does your hubby shout at your baby too coz he couldnt stand the cries/noise?