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Hi mummies, im 15 weeks pregnant & this is my 2nd pregnancy. I have a 2YO with me and im taking care of her by myself and shes very cling onto me too And also due to my current pregnancy shes being very difficult to handle like easy throw tantrums etc…. Not knowing what she wants which easily triggers me … Alot of ppl told me that is bc im pregnant and she can sense it or know it thats why she’s behaving like that…. And also i think my hormones i get annoyed and pissed off v easily …. Which im very disappointed @ myself bc im not like that before im very patient towards her . But right now i really cant handle my emotions. Sometimes i just feel stressed up when she start throwing tantrums out of sudden without any reasons and almost EVERYDAY * not alternate days or long long 1 time . Is literally every single day i have to handle .. And while my in law want to help me sometimes she doesn’t want my in law bc she just want me and not anyone else….. While i trying my best to console her & trying to understand what she wants , talk to her nicely without being angry at her … things just gets worse … Till now even when feeling all this emotions i never once scold her or anything i still talks to her nicely hoping that she would understand… But NO … talking to her nicely doesnt work & i also dk what else can be done too… Can anyone give me solutions/ suggestions what should do to handle my emotions and help my daughter to feel better as well? encounter the same problem as me ?

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I feel the same.. same to my hub i get irritated easily by them. like this pregnancy change my mood! But i tried to be patient with my girl! I tell her to tell me what she wants when she ready or when shes done crying come to me.. sometimes it does work! Cos the more I go to her/try to offer something so she will stop whining/crying but the more she cry/whine, so most of time i let her cry until shes done..

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yes i’m encountering exactly the same as you 😥 very easy fed up with #1!

10mo ago

right!! Having this kind of emotional makes me feel like im a bad mother