I have already warmed my breast milk (it was stored it the refrigerator) but suddenly baby went back to sleep. What can I do with the milk? Can it still remain in the warmer and for how long?

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Milk once heat up cannot put back to fridge. Also cannot wait for it to cool down n put back to fridge. This is because once u have taken out the milk from the fridge and reheated it, that's the start when micro organism start breeding. What u can do is, keep the bottle in warmer and don't cool it till baby wake up n drink. But must consume within 2hrs. Means, once ur bb wake up, u take out from the water and cool down to baby drinking temperature, then feed. But do note that once u heat up n the milk is cool down already then must consume within an hr.

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Please do not discard! Fm milk is within 1hr. But breastmilk can be kept back to fridge and feed again on your next feed. Bm is very resistance to bacterial and germs. Don’t worry. I’ve done it many times and my baby is fine

I would put it back to the fridge immediately if unconsumed. But can only be done once.

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I usually kept maximum 1hr, at very low heat. If by then, i will discard it.

Supposedly should consume within 4 hours while keeping warm

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Will keep it for just an hr or so n discard after that