Warming up chilled expressed Breast milk

How do you all warm up chilled expressed breast milk and how long do you warm the milk for? I am using Avent bottle warmer, and it claims that it can heat up within 3 mins, but in reality, it definitely need more than that. I find it hard to warm the milk, while handling a screaming hungry baby. Advise needed!!

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I’m using Tommee Tippee bottle warmer. It takes around 2-3 mins for it to be heat up. I usually heat up when baby is showing early signs of hunger cues ( moving of mouth / clenching of fist)

3y ago

that’s fast. I’m using tommee tippee too, needs 10 mins for it to be slightly warm. 8 mins and below will room temperature

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I’m using old school method. I pour hot boiling water into a cup. Put the bottle into the cup. Wait 5 min & it’s done.

2y ago

Same here

super mama portable milk warmer can heat up in 1 minute

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Yup it'll definitely take at least 3mins