hi, would like to know the following i) for how long can warmed milk be kept at room temperature ii) for how long can expressed milk be kept in normal fridge iii) can warmed milk be kept back in the fridge if baby sleeps while milk is being warmed thank you in advance.

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Hi, here is an article with useful information on milk storage: http://www.lalecheleague.org/faq/milkstorage.html According to the article: i) there is no research that indicates how long warmed milk can be kept at room temperature for. I know most of my friends would only let their children drink the milk if it is within 1 or 2 hours (and if it still smells and tastes ok). ii) expressed milk can be kept in the normal fridge for up to 8 days. iii) from what i've read, it is best not to refreeze warmed milk and most of my friends do not put warmed milk back into the fridge even if their children have not consumed any of it.

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Hope this helps. My friends mostly recommend doing the taste test to ensure that the milk has not gone bad. They also try to time the feedings such that baby is awake to prevent the scenario of having to deal with warmed milk but baby falling asleep (but

for room temperature range around 26degree can keep for 5hr like that. fridge is 4 days deep freezer is 6mth

i) an hour ii) 24hrs then xfer to freezer iii) no

Hope the attached chart helps!!

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