Pumped breast milk

Can I keep freshly pumped breast milk in bottle warmer like avent brand for 3-4 hours till when baby wants it ? Also can I keep the milk back again in Warner if baby doesn’t finished it during the feed as long within 4 hours from when pumped? Wanted to ensure I’m not doing any mistake as baby started being fussy so wanted to ensure not because of my warming BM method ? #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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You don’t have to put in bottle warmer after freshly pumped. Can just put at room temp for max 4 hours. Once you put in bottle warmer to pump you need to use within max 2 hours. If not throw away if baby doesn’t consume it. Otherwise just store the milk in fridge or freezer.

From what i understand, you cant keep in the warmer for so long. Also, if baby has already drank from the bottle and did not finish it, you cant heat up n feed within 4h. From what i understand once it has been drank, you need to finish by the next hour..