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I Had A Missed Miscarriage At Around 9 Weeks Of Pregnancy. I Want To Start Trying Again. Right Now Baru 20 hari. Is It Safe? No More Bleeding. And Had Started To Ovulate. Cuma Belum Datang New Cycle Of Period. I Don't Feel Like Waiting Till 3 Month. My Hcg Level Is Undetectable Now Bila Tested Pakai Pregnancy Kit. If I try again after my first period cycle would it be okay? Anyone with a successful pregnancy after miscarriage? And can you share how to prepare and prevent from another miscarriage. I have done a lot of research. Some said need to take supplements to increase progesterone. I really hope for a baby soon since I've been married for almost two years already and still with no baby. HELP..

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Sy miscarriage My 2nd pregnancy @ 3w.. Sbnr nya sy tk tau pun pregnant.. Tba2 tdetik nk cek upt & yes its positive.. Tp dlm masa yg sama sy dh bleeding.. Kena refer gynae.. Suspect pulak ectopic.. Kena ambik drh utk beta hcg.. Review 2minggu & scan..hormon hcg dah negative.. Its complete miscarriage rahim dh kosong dlm scan.. Sy pantang 2 minggu ja.. Sbb dpt cuti pun 3 hari je.. Sebulan lps miscarriage sy pregnant balik utk 3rd sy tk tggu pun period dtg.. & My LMP unsure of date.. Skrg baby dah 5 bulan sy besalin bln 11 taun lalu.. Sy dari sebelum kahwin lgi mmg slalu ambik folic acid.. Itu ja sy makan for supplement..

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THANK YOU! doakan saya pregnant semula dan baby selamat kali ni.