TTC after Miscarriage

I Had A Missed Miscarriage At Around 9 Weeks Of Pregnancy. I Want To Start Trying Again. Right Now Baru 20 hari. Is It Safe? No More Bleeding. And Had Started To Ovulate. Cuma Belum Datang New Cycle Of Period. I Don't Feel Like Waiting Till 3 Month. My Hcg Level Is Undetectable Now Bila Tested Pakai Pregnancy Kit. If I try again after my first period cycle would it be okay? Anyone with a successful pregnancy after miscarriage? And can you share how to prepare and prevent from another miscarriage. I have done a lot of research. Some said need to take supplements to increase progesterone. I really hope for a baby soon since I've been married for almost two years already and still with no baby. HELP..

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I'm having the sme situations with u. I got married in Dec 2018. Preggy in Aug 2018 then miscarriage early this year. The doctor said I had to rest my uterus for 1 year and have to bpantang for 44 days. But Im not stick with what the doctor said, currently I'm on my way for TTC.. Wish both of us concieve soon. Really eager to have a baby and simetimes jealous to see others getting preggy n give birth.

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Yessss. so trueee. All the best!!!