Sensative And Not Helpful husband

I had gone for C section recently and experienced lower back pain on and off. With that I actually reach out to my husband for help (not to throw things on the floor n expect me to pick up) as he love to throw things on the floor and expect me to pick up everything on my own. I did share with him that I can't pick it up firstly due to my wound and my lower back pain. He consistently claimed that I'm trying extremely hard to instigate a fight. He even raised his voice at me at several occasions in front of my LO, my poor baby cried. I feel very helpless and feel that how can he react like that. At no point did I raise my voice or make any unnecessary remarks. Even when I'm doing my confinement now he would still want me to do alot of things which results that I am extremely lack of rest. Is this kind of behavior from my husband is considered as normal?

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Super Mum

If u have already tried patiently talking to him and it doesn’t work, just leave the stuff on the floor. No use harming your own recovery for him.

4y ago

Yeah agree. Just leave the stuff on the floor and close one eye on the messiness at least during this period of recovery.