how late can I give soup till ?

Can I give my little one soup at 9:30 pm ?

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I think it depends on her sleeping schedule. My baby's last meal is at 6pm cos he sleeps at ard 8-9pm.

I think better to give little earlier as this will hamper the sleeping schedule

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Would your little one then be up till too late? How old is he/she?

2y ago

Then I would suggest readjusting the entire sleep schedule gradually to bring forward the sleep time. So the last meal should be latest 6-7pm, and let your LO wind down by 8pm, do the bedtime routine and be in bed by 9. They really need to sleep more.

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If only 1 day thing then should be alright.

I prefer to follow my baby's timing...

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930 pm is a little late

Depends on your baby

Not advisable.

its depends

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better nt