Can I give chicken soup to 9 months baby?

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Hey, Yes, you can give chicken soup to a nine month old baby. Just when you begin, start with giving him a little to check whether he doesn't develop any allergy due to it, which is unlikely, but it is better to be cautious with babies. And once you know that the baby is liking it and adjusted well to it, you can even introduce minced chicken in real small quantity to him.

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6y ago

You are most welcome. :)

Yes chicken soup is good. You can add in carrots and wolfberries as well. No salt is best. Natural sweetness will come from the ingredients itself. Happy eating!

yes, homemade chicken soup will be really healthy for your baby. you can also add a little bit of carrot and black pepper in it to make it healthier and tastier.

definitely yes. chicken soup is full of nutrients and will also give your baby a mix of healthy fluids and loads of protein.

Hi.. well it depends and varies as some kids can tolerate it while some just can't. So preferably you must wait for a while

Yes, you can but make sure that it is well cookies

Yes, at 9 months u can and shud give all home made food By adjusting spices.

Yes but make sure to careful because of the chicken bone.

Yes and even chicken meat too

Be sure it's cooked well