After Give Birth How Long U Are Start To Have Sex?

Hi all, I am just wondering how many months after give birth to have sex?any advise. TIA

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The best to check is your gynae to confirm if you can, then the rest is up to you. Though I would say this.. We as mothers do get tired and caught up with being mummies that we forget the sexual needs of our husbands. Our kids need us, but our hubby also needs us. But hubbies do not also be clueless. You want us to be lovers to you, let us take a nap, you take the kids for a while and let them peel your brain apart

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as long as you are comfortable :) i guess giving birth via c-sect and normal delivery does plays a part too.

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As long as your wounds have completely healed and you feel comfortable:) usually probably at least 6 weeks?

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Approximately 2 mths(:


After 4 month safest

After 2, 3 months...

After 2 months

6 months