Baby expenses

I am frustrated over money. I am earning 50% lesser than my husband and I have been covering most of the expenses including the hospital delivery fee. Just because he doesn’t have savings plus his 2 kids with his ex wife. I feel super upset with that and it seems like the baby is mine. Told him and he said we often quarrel over baby now while before the baby came we were all fine. He doesn’t get the security and probably he is tight in his wallet and can’t do much too hence no emotion to that.

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I am drawing more than twice of my wife and I pay all of the bills like house, Reno, car, telco, electricity etc.. we don't quarrel as I feel it's only how I shower my love for them. Talk it out & I hope u are able to work things out.

5y ago

Thanks for assuring. Will try again and shall see.

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Try and talk it out calmly with your husband, both should try and work out the finances together etc for the sake your child's future

It is never your responsibility alone. You should have a talk with him regarding the finances

5y ago

I will try again and let’s see what’s his excuse. Last month was medical bill. This month am not sure. I’m tired over this money issue and it is not very pleasant especially my mom is staying with us looking after my baby for us. She told me why am I paying most of the stuff but not him. I speechless for good 10 sec and follow by oh this is a sup-card from him which is not true.