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I got married to my husband unwillingly cos I got pregnant the plan was to wait for another year when i am totally ready to settle down with him but things happen. And when I told him I was pregnant he doesn't seem to be happy about it. Why am I not happy cos he told me to keep the baby, and me I'm having mixed emotions about not keeping the baby cause I am not ready to be a mother plus husband got a baggage to take care of,his daughter from previous marriage. and his ex wife debts that he had to pay for. every month after he gets his salary all the money is gone to debts and bills etc. Now I am pregnant and he can't even help me buy my maternity clothes and prepare things for the baby arrival. He is financial super tight, and everytime he gaves me money which is not much I always try to safe it every month and I seriously can't buy my own things. And that money he gave me I actually keep it for him so that he can use it when he is in need

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First of all, having his baby and your own child is a fact. You got to accept the baby and start loving the baby. Baby can feel your emotion and don’t let it affect him/her. I don’t think you want a sad child feeling unwanted after born. Be responsible to the child. Second, I’m also facing financial issue w my hub and his ex 2 kids. I set a boundary, my money is my money for the baby. Whatever he gives me is meant for the baby. His own problem he has to own it and settle it. I may be mean but he is responsible for whatever his decision is. Third, follow some fb group for preloved stuff, they are lovely and good. To me it is completely fine to use preloved, I can save on that while keep changing the items (fashion show to make myself happy a little). Then bless others when I am done using it. Things will be ok one day, just have to treasure what u have currently especially pregnancy. Breed a cute happy and healthy baby! Hugz

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Do you believe in fate? Things happened for a reason. Whatever has happened is the past. Now, you’ve gotta look and move forward. Enjoy your pregnancy, try to manage your emotions and finances. Work out a financial plan with your hubby. Let him know, how much you need a month. If you need help, talk to your family, his family and him again. Take care

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