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I don't like it when my husband being forgetful and sometimes I'd want my husband to remember, there are times I hope I don't have to remind him. Should I talk to him about this? Or is this incurable?

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Would be good if you can tell it to him directly. Is your spouse under stress? Underlying medical conditions could be one of the reasons too. Try to be patient with him, slowly build it up. Attach sticky notes on the fridge, teach him to associate important dates with other things. All the best!

What does he usually forget to do? If it's bothering you, you should definitely talk about it, clear your doubts and then figure out a way to help him remember stuff. Like writing lists or even email or message reminders.

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LOL this is such a common complaint. You’re not alone. 😅 for me, I stop relying on my husband to remember. Just put my own reminders in my phone. If it’s very important to your husband he will remember.

I think you should definitely voice out if you don’t like it. Other than that, you could make him use apps to-do lists or have a note somewhere that reminds him, hopefully it’ll help!

how about helping him to remember by keying it in his phone calendar, putting up sticky notes? it seems to be a guy thing...they just love to be reminded and nagged.


If he is really forgetful, you adjust and remind him so he gets tasked done and you don’t get stressed. Choose your battles so you can win the war 😉

My husband is like this at times. Unless it's a medical condition, I think the only solution is to be patient and just remind them. ^^,

He also could just have a lot on his mind. Does he have a particularly stressful job?