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My husband is damn forgetful about everything I told him to do! I have to remind him day after day and it annoys me so much. Not another child that I have to take care of. Does other wives have this issue? How do u all handle!

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😅 I can so relate to this Mummy. My husband is also very forgetful and does not remember everything I told him to do, I have to repeat myself to him always. What I do is I always make him a list in the morning for the things he need to accomplish for the day, I know it's extra work but it saves me the time of having to get angry for him being forgetful. I also communicated this problem to him and he seems to be making an effort not to upset me and do his part. Marriage is really a two-way process, I am sure I also have these annoying traits that he has to deal with everyday. But we need to live with each other's imperfections and communicate well on how to address them. 😅

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so patient of you!