I am piss off with my sil. She is friend with me on fb but she will tag baby stuff only to my husband but not me. Is it normal? I feel that tagging both parents of the baby is like respect them. Anyone have a sil like this kind of weirdo? She is married and pregnant now. Can't she just concentrate on her on life. Tag her husband when her baby is born la. Irritating...

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Take a chill pill mama! I would be glad if I was not tagged. Firstly I do not particularly agree with baby stuff and photo posting on social media platforms. I do not think we shd subject our little ones to these unnecessary exposure by posting every single milestone and dialogue and photo abt them online. If you read up a bit more on Cyber Security, you can see the dangers abt posting too much info n pics online.. you will then see whole thing abt "irritating-sil-tagging-hubby-not-tagging-me" being the most negligible issue then. Do not be frustrated and irritated with our various comments and not being on ur side. Anyway I think I am prob on the extreme end of the spectrum from you in terms on social media usage i guess? I guess then you are probably alright and open minded to share baby related stuff online so you are henceforth extremely peeved by ur sil. My hubby and I on the contrary, forbid my sil (his sis) and my own sis from posting any baby related stuff abt my baby online. If any other relative posts and tags us, we untag ourselves. Take one huge step back, relax, deep breathe and keep calm mama.

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I think it's probably coz she's not close to you. So naturally she just tag her Bro knowing that the Info will likely be shared to you too. Some people don't like to be tagged on fb. Due to "privacy" , "low profile" or what not. Perhaps she is afraid u would be unhappy if she tagged you all the time or on things u dislike. We all hv friends like that I'm sure. Just express to her your interest in the posts she share to your hubb when u all meet ? Probably she will include u too next time ;)

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This is the first time i heard someone associate tagging with respect. She is just sharing info w her bro openly on social media (with u in a way as well since u can see) and yet u see it as weird behaviour and irritating.... hmmmm.. u need to have higher threshold than that babe.

I don't see anything wrong. Try not to be over sensitive or u'll end up feeling unhappy for nothing while others r oblivious. I don't see anything wrong tagging one parent. Even when baby go for jab, the clinic also contact just one parent instead of informing both.

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Maybe you can feedback to her? say don't tag ur brother! he don't bother reading those! tag me so i can read too! you start by tagging her some baby post too. maybe she isn't open up to you yet

I dun see anything wrg too. I Guess she just doesn't feel as close to u as her bro that's y only tag ur hb

Think you are being over sensitive. Do you have a Brother of your own?

7y ago

yes, I have a brother and I love him but I will still respect his wife.