I am breastfeeding my LO. My grandma keep telling me to eat more so baby got milk to drink. If not eating baby will only drink all the 'wind' not your milk. I don't know is this true. I did eat lah.. but not like 3 meals a day. Maybe 1 or 2 meal. As I am sleeping whenever my LO is sleeping.. my LO is 1 month and 2 weeks.

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Wind is not true. But why are u only eating 1 or 2 meals? As a breastfeeding mum, u have to take in more calories to sustain ur milk supply. If u don't hit ur nutritional needs as a bf mum, u will be producing thin milk (that have low fat and protein which is not good for baby) and ur body will "steal" from ur iron and calcium stores for the milk too - that's why u hear of pple becoming more anemic (not enough iron) or losing their teeth (not enough calcium - also increases ur risk of osteoporosis. So please do try to eat well for both u n baby's sake

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Must eat more! I’m a BF mom and I’m hungry all the time, constantly thirsty. It’s important because our bodies will take all it needs to make the best milk, and if you don’t take enough food your own health is at risk. Try to at least take some snack here and there, before you get your much needed rest.

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Basically you are feeding baby. If you dont take care of yourself, how will you be able to feed baby. All your bodies nutrients will be going to baby. In that way, by eating you are replenishing your bodies nutrients. In my theory need to pump petrol. Lol

Hey mommy, 1 or 2 meals sound worrying! Pls eat 3 proper meals be it for a normal woman and even more so for a lactating mother! If not, drink more water and milo and essence of chicken. Hope you are also taking multivit and calcium tablets!

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The wind part isn't true. Just that when you are breastfeeding, you burn lots of calories. Im sure your grandma is just worried that you don't have sufficient food.



Food in food out haha