Don't think I am good enough...

My girl is now 1 years old, she is taking 2 solid meals and 3 times milk per day, about 540ml per day, is it enough milk intake? My husband says she should take more milk good for her growth, but I tried feeding her she just refuses to drink more. It's like I am not doing a good job.

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Be kind and gentle to yourself Mama. Nobody will do more for your child than you. But you must also accept that each human being is unique and thus has personal preferences and growth development ( this apply to your child too). As long as you have feed the child with nutrition food, and the child is healthy, that is most important. As to whether she can grow chubbier, taller, faster... I think it is beyond you. When in doubt always consult your doctor. If there is growth problem, you will be informed. Otherwise, you child is growing well. Stay strong and confident. You are doing a good job, and you don’t need to feel bad or doubt yourself. Take good care of yourself. God bless you and your family. 🙏🏻

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3y ago

Jiayou Jiayou. Sending you love and hugs❤️

Don’t be so hard on yourself! Babies have a kind of their own. When it comes to milk, just follow their cues. My baby is 15 months and only drink about 400-500ml per day. He’s more interested in solids. And that is okay! Plus at this age, they’re getting their nutrients from food and milk is a form of supplement! Don’t worry too much. As long as your baby is growing well, you’re doing great!

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3y ago

thanks a lot.

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every child is different. just like any adult if you can't finish I force you take will you feel good? my baby is eating 200ml at least 1 meal, some snacks and drinking 180 ml of milk 3 hourly at 12 month old. she doesn't grow much meat, or did her weight increase by alot. its really individual child has their own style. most importantly is they hit all mile stone

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3y ago

thank u mummy! ☺️

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From that age till now that my girl is almost 19 months, she only takes 3 260 mL bottles of milk for the whole day. At this age, majority of the child’s nutrition comes from the food they eat. Hence, if your lo does not like to drink more milk, complement with fruit snacks instead.

Hi Mum, I would suggest that be kind to yourself and please don't think that you are not doing a good job. The growth metabolism for every kid is different and as long as they are growing and healthy their pace is fine

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Hey momma. Don’t feel that way. The amount each child take is different. As long as she is not dehydrated and is growing there should be no concerns.

3y ago

blessed CNY! Hope your baby is feeling better now!