I Love You My Child And I Will Never Hurt You

I binged watched a few months ago "The Trial Of Gabriel Fernandez" on Netflix on a little boy brutally tortured and murdered by his mother and stepfather. Just listening to the opening music I always start tearing up, look at my little girl, give her kisses as she sleeps and give a promise that I will never be like that and love her with all my heart. It baffles me that some parents do not love their flesh and blood or treat them like their a mistake.

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There’s also this trend on TikTok that people share about recreating the scene without the departed loved ones. I cried watching a father recreating a scene, now without his smiling toddler. I really cannot imagine the pain it would do me if I were to lose my babies.

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It baffles me too.. and I wish couples who really want children but can’t would have had these children instead, so that every child would have a loving home. But that’s just my wish, and sadly not the reality 😢

This psyche of hurting your own creation is out of my understanding. But do not feel very sad or disheartened with this and shower all the love and care you can on your baby with happy thoughts

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Haven’t heard of this but will def catch it. I also can’t understand how a parent could willingly hurt their child :(

3y ago

It is an interesting documentary but I would definitely caution you as it can cause a bit of sleepless nights as it is truly disturbing. But it really shook America to it's core on the system in place to protect children.

I recently watched it too and it’s really sad to hear what he went through. Can’t imagine the amount of pain

those that hurt their own child are/were probably psycho

3y ago

They are or in this case of the show, the mother is. In this documentary they explained that sometimes the family has that one child they call the scapegoat and blame all their problems and sorrows on.

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This is just so painful to watch😥