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Hi all, i was wondering is there any difference on giving formula or breast feed like will it make you less of a mother or even your child won’t recognise you that you are the mother just cause you never breast feed? I breast feed my child for first 2weeks & stop and gave her formula . She did not latch on my breast cause i had bad engorgement and only massage it after a week and pump she was alr bottle feeding alr. But you know the thoughts of like will my baby love and recognise me as her mother? 😭

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Don't worry, her love will not change and will recognize you as her mother. Don't be upset as it is not you don't want to breastfeed her but given the situation you're facing, you have no choice. Would it be possible to pump out and feed her through bottle since breast milk is still better than formula milk? Nevertheless, don't be upset even if you couldn't. She will definitely able to feel your mother love. 🌈

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4y ago

Please don't be despair and upset. You should be enjoying your motherhood. Remember stress won't help you to improve the situation. I hope the information provided in these links help:


hi mummy no matter if you have formula or BM you're still the mum baby definitely will recognise you. don't get stress by the society just let nature takes it flow. if you are thinking of how can I relatch my baby etc you can too. no matter what decision you make your baby won't blame you too. every mother is great!

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No difference at all. Formula or bf, you're still your baby's mother. I can't correctly latch because my nipples hurts so bad and can't produce more milk for my children when they were young so I opted for formula instead. They still grow up well and healthy and calls me Mama.