I always full of energy and want to bring my kids out but my husband gets tired very easily. We often do not think eye to eye and I will rather bring my girl out on my own even though I wish my husband could join too. Is it normal? Does our marriage sound to have problem?

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My Husband works at night while I work in the day, I'm not working on weekends while his off days on Mondays hence we seldom go out during weekends. But he will wake up early on weekends to spend quality time with us at home or around the Neighbourhood before going to work. At times he will wake up earlier to go outings with us on weekends. I will compromise too la. At times I Will take leave on Monday so that we can go out together or outings with kids. The point is I dun expect hubby to go out with us every week as I understand how tired he can be & not enuff sleep is very torturing! For me I dun have to keep going out one, spending quality time with Husband & kids at home I am very contented Liao. I told him before he have to find time to accompany us as he is not alone and I do not want the relationship between the kids & him to drift apart. Glad that he understands the importance of bonding & put in effort to accompany us as much as he could. Try to talk to ur hubby & let him know the importance of family outings n bonding.

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I honestly think it is what it is, your husband is tired. Maybe there is something weighing on his mind -- maybe he is worried about work, finances, or maybe it is his age that is causing the ease of tiredness. Maybe try to have a day without the kids and dedicate the day to sharing with one another? I reckon he has alot on his mind and maybe with both of you busy with kids and work, it's hard to find time and opportunity to share and talk?

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I think it's normal... I know a collegue of mine who doesn't accompang his wife and children when going to Sentosa since he doesn't really like the place... The wife also didn't go with him to e.g. IT shows. It's OK for each of you to go without accompany of another as long as you are responsible and have trust with one and another.

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Totally normal, best to give him some space to chill out. Worst thing you could do is to turn this into an "issue" and get him to "work" on it with you. Sometimes a man just need to kick back with a beer and do absolutely nothing for a while

its normal . initially i felt upset. now sometimes when hubby wants to tag along i even say no need. cos see his face i feel irritated. but we still love each other much .. lol