I'm thinking of divorce frm hubby. We don't see eye to eye anymore. He lies to me, hides things. Doesn't Wana save up in our savings or kids. Still Wana enjoy drinking with his frens. Doesn't Wana bring me along. I think he only love our kids. The love between us has long died off. Doesn't help with housework much. Only wen he did something wrong n Wana make amends temporarily. Change is within ourselves. We're both hard headed. Wat for retain this kind of marriage if it's full or arguments, negativity. I know I play a part too. But we disagree on so many things even teaching our kids he doesn't Wana help but scolds me if I bring out the cane. But he gives money every month to me but dats it. Too ego n thinks he's a king with the way he was brought up- pampered. We went counseling b4 n they say its teamwork but he is bent on his way. So am I. Wat do u think??

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Separate for a little bit and then see how you feel after 3 months?