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Hi! I am 5weeks 4days pregnant and I am currently consuming these both since a month ago. Just wondering, can i take iron tablet too? Because i have anemia, and also when should I start taking calcium supplement? And once i finishes my Folate should i already upgraded to the Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold / Advance? And whats the difference? Thank you in advance!! 😍
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I was taking pregnancy vits from GNC until my gynae said that don't need any vits except for folic acid in the first trimester as it'll make you bloated. She started giving me multi-vits, DHA and calc
For my case, as I have severe morning sickness, gynae asks me to just continue with daily 5mg folic acid and drop everything else cause the rest will make my vomit worst. After my first trimester, I w
Mine only kicks in at week 6 and got so horrible all the way til 14.. 😂 I was so depressed those weeks because it was so bad that all I could do all day is lie down in bed.
First trimester don't need calcium yet coz baby can't absorb. I took folic acid & blackmores breast feeding advanced. 2nd trimester, I took calcium & blackmores/obimin alternate.
You should make an earlier appointment with your gynae and ask your questions
Wow must check w ur gynae...