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Hi mummies, im 25 weeks and did blood test last week, i am anemic and wanted to know what kind of pregnancy iron tablet i can take. Currently im taking multivitamins, fish oil and calcium. My next check up is still March 10 and looking if i can get some iron pills first. Thanks

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Normal to be slightly anaemic during pregnancy due to increased iron needs to produce rbc for your lo. Gynae will prescribe iron tabs, otherwise can also purchase off the counter. I'm taking sangobion by merck. The dietitian mentioned that it is almost impossible to obtain full iron needs thru food alone, so def can start taking some

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Thank you all. My obgyn message me yesterday informing my blood test and he can discuss it with me during next visit but still March 10. Hence i am thinking to get some otc or pharmacy. - Orinal Poster :)

same here.. I had to go through blood transfusion when I was at 32 week. . my gynae provided me sangobion too. n of coz to watch out for my diet intake too.

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dont self medicate. wait for your appt and your gynae will prescribe it to you. for now while waiting march 10, you can eat iron-rich food :)

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My gynae prescribe this for $40 (60 tablets). I went to JB to buy more for only RM56.40 (60 tablets).

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Normally your multi vit will contain the iron. Do you want to call ur gynae and ask?

I was prescribed iron tablet from the brand sangobion by my doctor.

call and ask your gynae... dont self medicate during pregnancy.

Can wait till your appointment. And eat more red meat

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mostly they will give you sangobion