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Dear mummies, I’m in week 37 and soon i will give birth. I am very annoyed with my husband because he was too engrossed with playing game on his mobile phone. There was once i asked him to touch my tummy because our baby move but yes he did touched but his attention was on his phone. At times i really want this “call of duty” on mobile phone to be deleted forever !! I am afraid tht once the baby is born, i have to look after 24/7 while my husband sit at the side playing game. And we are staying with his family so definitely he is at the winning spot i mean if i were to be angry at him. Soo mummies, is there any good advise on how to make him stop playing ??

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Same case, just that mine was Mobile legends. I’m in week 28. Once he starts playing, he won’t eat or respond. We came to an agreement whereby he can still continue with his sports on his off days, for mobile games, play it during his lunch break at work not when he is home. My husband no longer plays it now. What I did was we had a serious talk and I told him if he’s gonna spend all his time glued to that phone then he’s definitely not ready to be my baby’s daddy. (I was very annoyed at this point because once he reach home at 7, he starts playing all the way till 2-3AM) Asked him to think about it properly about what I said. Don’t stop him from playing, just ask him to minimise when baby is out and weigh the priorities. Because afterall, everyone still needs a time to relax. :)

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My husband also play mobile games alot. Esp mobile legend. I have been playing wif him throughout my pregnancy until recently I'm gg to give birth i dun really feel like playing jus wanna rest and get ready for labour and stuff.. At first he still keep ask me play tgt. But i reject ask him ownself play.. Soon he play lesser already.. Hopefully he won't keep play after bb is out.. Most of my friends husband oso keep playing games 1..

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possible to set a guideline with him, to set aside time to bond with you and baby say for 30mins every night (when u know bb is most active), request 100% undivided attention from him.. then rest of the night he can do his own thing.