Husband bonding with baby

Husband keeps saying our LO dont like him, as she would sometimes cry when he feeds her or when he tries to comfort her. How? He also gets very unhappy when people take her away from him when he tries to soothe her. Sigh! I kept telling him not to think that way. But I don’t want him to feel like that...

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Don't worry too much. Baby will grow to like both parents. My baby took up to 7 months to let me carry without crying

Hey... maybe this article has some tips that may help.

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It takes time to get use to the smell. Why not let husband wear the jacket u wear? Maybe same smell

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Talk to bb more (: my husband sing song to my LO until my LO bond closer to him than me 😫

Jus ask him spend more time w your Lo

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I'm so sorry, but what's an LO? 😅

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3y ago

If you have nothing good to say then don't comment. Why always comment unhelpful one word reply. So annoying and spammy.