My husband is in the Army and he mostly is away for exercise and other office work, which is why we don't have sex that often. Lately, my neighbour has been calling me from his landline and asking me to come home. I know he is physically interested in me and even I want to have some good sex. Should I take his call?

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Umm okay, I know it's definitely difficult to be alone and physically unsatisfied. But the only one question you need to answer honestly before you make a move is what all is at stake. Of course it is possible that whatever you choose to do remains within you two and no one finds out, which is ideal. But what if someone finds out and your husband gets to know about it? Do you think your husband will be able to move past it and still be in the relationship? Or do you think it could lead to a breakup and possible divorce? If so, will you be ready for it? I am not asking you to think from a right or wrong perspective, but more from a logical one, especially if you still love your husband. Because even if you do enjoy the sex with your neighbour, once your husband is back, will you be able to face him the same way and enjoy his company? The best person to answer this finally will be you, because you know your situation best. If it helps, try and talk to your husband how you are feeling sexually, and tell him that you really want to be more involved physically.

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