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My husband and I staying at in laws for now. But whenever we had sex we both need to lower down our voices and the worst part is that we have our 2 month old baby in the same room. Obviously when our baby is asleep then we had sex. I want to have our sex venture back. Now mostly just making out then jump to sex straight away. It's super boring. So I was planning for a staycation for 1 night only and a date to boosts our relationship and catch up with our sex Drive. Is it a good idea?

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Good idea. And remember to make the night special. Have some good sex with your husband and don’t be afraid to sleep naked throughout the night. It should be a night where both of you enjoy being naked together. If you want something even spicier, wear a nice sexy lingerie before sex to arouse him.

I did the same too before we had our own home. Every 2 weeks we staycation. Have someone to take care of you LO

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It is! If someone trustworthy is able to look after baby for one night too, then it’ll help a lot as well:)

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Yes good idea - having time alone to improve relationship and sex is important for our mental health too.

Yes it definitely is. This spicing of things will only make the both of you stronger together.

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Yep, have someone to look after your lo and u can hv spend some couple time together.

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If your in laws can look after baby for one night, that’s a fantastic idea!:)

Remember to take time to take care of your relationship fufilments too

Yes. Must always have dating time to get to appreciate your spouse.


yes why not! it's good to maintain romance like that in marriage !