Husband Having Flu & Cough

My husband has been experiencing runny nose, flu, fatigue and dry cough since yesterday. The usual flu symptoms. No fever as of now. Damn worry as my newborn is only 1 month old now. He sleeping at living room while me and baby sleeps in room. And when he fed baby during the night he was wearing a mask. Is it necessary to visit doc if no fever?

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Super Mum

Yes. Please get him to see a doctor. Polyclinics and PHPCs have subsidised rates of $10. At least let the doctor listen to his lungs to see if there are signs of pneumonia

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Yes, you can try to self cure but if no improvement after 3 days then better consult. U can use application now, video consulting e.g. Doctor Anyhere


Better to go check and see doc, especially now is sensitive period.

Yes please ask him to see a doctor for precautions

Yes, pls go and see doctor when not feeling well.

Yes better see the doctor

Super Mum

Better to visit a doctor

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Yes pls. Don't risk.

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better to see dr

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Yes pls ..