How do you tell your Mil not to compare ur baby with her daughter's newborn? As my Mil carry my girl to sayang her daughter's newborn and said 'his eyes so big', when my girl is in her arms... she does not know babies listen even at such small age... she keep saying they still small...

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Hey Jasmine, I can imagine I would be irritated and peeved if that happened to me. I would really correct my mil and tell her dont talk like that in the presence of my baby. My mil didnt do that to our baby coz she is her first grandchild for the moment. But she does this in another context. For eg, she says things like "ah gong v stupid or gugu v stupid, dunno how to carry u" (in mandarin) and my hubby n I always tell her off not to talk rubbish and say such belittling things abt the elder family members because LO is small but listens. She also says she is still small but I will reiterate that if she keeps saying n thinking like that, a day will come when she goes beyond the line n LO picks it up and follows her to condemn her own ah gong n gugu. by then it is too late. we also tell her dont say silly stupid things bec she is learning n absorbing all the time.

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Just wondering why do you feel disturbed by it? And what is it that you want to tell her? Babies are listening at such a young age, however it may not be anything negative by saying her daughters newborn eyes are big. Personally i dont think there is anything wrong. Please dont take offence, just my 2 cents worth.

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6y ago

I hope so too... photos speak for itself... she doesn't appear as happy as carrying my girl on the day of her arrival....she look happier carrying her daughter's son...the smiles r different....