How should I treat my baby's prickly heat rash?

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For me, I apply organic, unscent, no talc baby powder such as GAIA brand. It is very important to keep the area clean and dry. I clean using cool boiled water. After that, apply some organic powder. I did try to use lotion and ointment, but it doesn't work. Some PDs doesn't recommend baby powder, probably because of talc content. But nowadays there are products available with elimination of talc. Just to make sure that do not use near to baby's eyes and mouth.

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You can try aloe vera gel, it will soothe his skin. You can even try calamine lotion. It comes handy in treating prickly heat. I also try yoghurt sometimes.


Himalaya prickly heat powder or candid dusting powder

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I use calamine to soothe the itchy heat rash.