heat rash

Recently, i found out there are some heat rash on my baby's neck area. What should i do? Wipes my baby all the time or apply powder?

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i used kodomo lotion powder and it really helps with my baby's heat rash. bring him to the doc and they gave me hydrocortisone cream but ended up it gets worst. tried other lotions & it still didn't work. so best to use kodomo lotion powder.

My pediatrician told me to not apply anything it will be gone once he is in cool place so i put my boy in a cool place like in aircon place or on the fan strong. My boy once he is in aircon room, his heat rash is gone.

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Powder is not recommended as it has been shown to increase risk of respiratory difficulties. Can try to apply cooling gel like aloe or any Medication from the pd

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Clean and dry regularly and apply moisturiser. Keep your baby cool. Don’t apply powder because the skin will get too dry.

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I dun out anything. Just have to keep LO cool and dry. Wipe down with LO.is perspiring and dry them after that

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I usually wipe with a damp clean towel during bath time, and keep the area dry and cool. It should go away:)

Wipe with boiled (room temp) water in the morning & evening. It will go off slowly. My girl has it too.

Use warm water wipe clean morning & Evening. Then Powder. Or rash cream.

Keep dry and clean. Wipe whenever sweat and apply powder or rash cream.

Dry clean always after bath or sweat. Apply power every now and then.