Is this heat rash ?

Does anyone know how can i treat this on my 4 month old baby? White patches on the skin and skin is slightly rough and bumpy

Is this heat rash ?
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Doesn’t look like heat rash to me. But for the bumps and roughness, might wanna consider reducing or stopping ruyee oil if you’re using. Back then my daughter had those bumps (without white patches so I can’t advise on this), a few mommies suggested to stop ruyee and it helped. Apply lotion after shower to keep it moisturised.

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2mo ago

Never use ruyee before on baby 🥲

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What moisturizer are you using? This app’s shopping feature has great recommendations with reviews.

2mo ago

Went to the doctor and he said its normal. He gave 'MYCOBAN' and said that it will be gone soon. Currently I'm using QV moisturiser. So far tummy still have bumps and white patches.