How do you prepare for baby trip ? Especially their milk.. Do u use boil tap water or mineral water ?

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Hi Weeqi All depends where you are going and what is your mode of transportation. If by flight then not to worry. Just Ensure you get all the meds for LO in case of sickness(fever cold cough). I always bring along a small spray bottle(3 in a pack DAISO) filled with water so that it will be easier to clean LO after pooing. 📍Hope this helps.📍

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It depends on the place you are going to. If in countries like Japan I will boil Tap water. Otherwise I will buy distilled or drinking water from supermarket and use that. When I Went on a cruise recently I brought along two bottles of distilled water but the hot water I take from the ship

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I used the hot water given by the ship. I think if you want to boil better get distilled water instead of mineral water. Where are u going btw

For me, I usually a bit kiasu. I brought spore water (2 1.5kitres) then boiled there to mix a little of their water. Some said children r sensitive to diff ctries water. I played safe. Then If bb is ok, I used more local boiled water.

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I believe yes as long as your child is traveling with you.

How will you be travelling? I using buy drinking water no matter where I go. If it's on the plane, ask for water, otherwise I also go to nearby cafes and ask for some water.

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Travel by planes ... For a week .. So i wonder any mummy boil mineral water

Wee Qi, by plane then forget it. Just ask them on board. That way no need to pack extra. You don't want extra weight. Try to minimise.

Depends on the country. When I was in Malaysia, I bought their bottled water and boiled them. In Japan, I boiled water direct from tap.


Depending on where you are, the tap Water might not be safe to drink Even after boiling. Better opt to use distilled water.

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Depending on the country you are going to. I will boil their water.

I boiled bottled drinking water but not mineral water