May i know what kind of water to use to make fm when overseas? Do we boil tap water and let it cool or can we get mineral water off the shelves?

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I think best to buy distilled water. Cannot use mineral water because of the minerals in it is not what baby need. If the tap water is drinkable then boil and bring with u when heading out. How old is baby? Have u started solids? I would try to see if can give 1 solid at hotel before heading out and/or 1 solid when outside so that the demand on the fm (thus the need to lug the water around - later not hot alrdy) won't be so high

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Hi where will you be going? Does the country sell drinking water ? I think it is better to boil drinking water to make their milk. Or buy distilled water to boil. Mineral water I will not use it to boil as there are so many minerals inside already. Depending on the country tap water may be safe. I have friends who bring water from Singapore to the country.

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Tap water might not be safe to drink in other countries. Be very diligent when checking. Best to buy distilled water to boil when abroad

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It depends on which country you’re in. I think it’s safest to get bottled water to make FM. Travel Safe and take care

not every country has a good tap water, better to avoid any tummy problems later just buy bottled water

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I think it depends on where exactly you are going to. But safest should be using bottled water

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I usually use bottle water and boiled for safety reason, incase their water not clean.

Bottled water for everything But also depending on which country you are going

Really depends on the country, bottled water would be my preference

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Boil water let it be cool n mix it better than direct water