How old were you when you started your family?

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I was only 17 when I started my family. Definitely not a good choice to start this early. There are a lot of factors to consider before starting a family, like if there are enough funds, how ready are you to commit in a family etc. When I started my family with my ex-husband, we had barely enough money to get milk powder and diapers but thank god for the help from my family. I wasn't really accepted by his family. After some time, I can see that he is not ready for a family. He doesn't help out in his daddy duties at all. Soon after, he started going out often and the inevitable happened. There is an affair going on. It is important that the relationship have been stable and having discussed on starting a family instead of jumping right into it.

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25 - I wish we had waited a little longer

I was 25 years old when I had my first child, my son.

I was 28 when I got married. And I think I got married at the right time, and one or two years more would also not have been a bad idea.

I was already 29 when I got married. I guess it was the perfect age for me although I really wished to have raised my own family at a much younger age coz I really wanted a shorter age gap with my kids. Now, I realized, everything that happened was just right in time.

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