How long did it take for you to get pregnant?

And how old were you when you started trying?

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4 years. Wasted 1k+ and 2y at KKH subsidized going through their tests and being told they can't find anything wrong yet and to just keep trying naturally. To be fair covid played a role in dragging the consultations out 2y, but KKH consultations were months in between pre-covid. Went to a private gynae and was diagnosed with PCOS 10min into the consultation with 1 ultrasound, and lab results confirmed it following week. Because we had wasted so many years and were already 35 we just opted for IVF because hormone therapy etc takes a lot of trial and error and time.

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We started by taking folic acid daily for a month, then started trying the next month. After 2 cycles of period (was soooo sad and in tears when I got those 2 periods🤣), we finally got the happy double lines. We may not be as lucky like those 'one shot one kill' couples, but we still count ourselves very fortunate :) We are in our early 30s.

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Only actively trying 6 months after marriage. Conceived our first at our 9th month of marriage when I'm 31 years old. So, it took us 3 months to conceive on our first try. Didn't expect to be tt fast as I was stressed at work but I guess circuit breaker helped me bond with hub better 😅and baby was born in Dec 2020.

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1st pregnancy 31 years old. 6 months of trying naturally no to pregnant only after going for tcm acu for a month. 2nd pregnancy 35 years old. Tried for a year naturally and got pregnant only after going for tcm again for a month. 😅.

married at 28+ years old. I was ready to have a child immediately but not my hubby. took a year before we started really trying for a child but unsuccessful. now I'm 32+ years old, pregnant with my first kid:)

married when I’m 21, and got pregnant naturally when im 23yo but miscarriage at 8weeks, and then after 9 months we went to the obgyn and got progesterone injection, now I’m 31weeks pregnant❤️

2 years, after one failed IVF, I got pregnant naturally. Was diagnosed with completely blocked fallopian tubes. God is good.

Married at 21. Gave birth at the age of 22. Currently expecting our 2nd baby which is due soon (unplanned pregnancy) at the age of 23. Thankful for everything ❤️

Started trying at 30, first pregnancy after 9 months but ended in miscarriage. I'm 32 now and 5 months' pregnant but took us slightly more than a year on clomid 😊

Married at 25. Actively trying at 28. At 29, 1st SOIUI in Mar 2021(failed). 2nd SOIUI in May 2021. Turning 30 in 2 months. Currently 19weeks 🥰.