How old was your baby when you started feeding him or her meat? Is 12 months still too early?

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), it is necessary to feed your baby with meat as soon as he starts eating solid food. The timetable for it is when he reaches his 4th to 6th month. Sources of iron and zinc can be found in meat products which your baby needs by that time. Nevertheless, be keen in observing your baby. Signs that he is ready for solid food must be present before you give him meat. Found an article online enumerating the signs when can you determine if your baby is suitable for solid food. Other source:

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Our pedia said we can give chicken meat at 8 months and fish (fresh water) at 10 months. She said while Our baby has no teeth yet so our pedia advised not to give pork and beef for now as she cannot chew them even if we shred the meat.

12 months is actually okay. Chicken meat can be given from 6-8 months, but better delay as much as possible. Fish can be given at 8-12 months while beef and pork can be given at 8-10 months

We started at around 10 months and I gave chicken first. After that, I tried offering red meats like fish, beef and pork.