how early were you when you felt your baby moving in your tummy!?😍😍

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FTM, felt first light “thumps”/movement around 16-17 weeks 🙈 Doctor explained i had posterior placenta and hence was able to feel baby’s kicks much earlier! :)

20 weeks :) felt like butterflies and bubbles popping. Also abit weird because it also feels like u jus finished swimminy and u still floating in the water

Think around second trimester haha. It wasn’t very obvious move so I put my soft toy on top of my tummy in a way to show the movement. 😂

about 19-20 weeks, feels like bubbles in the tummy. shortly after baby likes to push towards the bottom on the tummy.

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my #1 was earlier before 20 weeks. my #2 was later than 20 weeks. maybe tummy expand 😅

Mine is anterior placenta. The most obvious movement felt at 24 weeks. Its really amazing 🥰

8mo ago

Anterior as well but he is a superstar and decided to dance and show his moves at 20 weeks :) but i felt it abit lower

Around 18 weeks I felt flutters already. 20 weeks onwards it became more obvious

16-17 weeks! Placenta on the posterior side so could feel it earlier 🥰

20 weeks onwards. every time my wife hungry baby start to kick. hehe

16 weeks for #1 and #2. Slightly earlier at 14+ weeks for #3