eating habits during pregnancy

How often do you have to eat? Cos sometimes i only eat breakfast, lunch, dinner & just light snack (plain crackers) at maybe about 11am plus & 4pm plus at work. scared im eating too little. sometimes no appetite to snack on flavourful snacks.. some suggests eating every 2 hours.. what are your thoughts? Thanks in adv!!

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During my first trimesters my weight drop. I didn't manage to eat due to all the vomiting. Max 1.5 meal a day. 2nd trimesters I eat 4 full meal at day. Breakfast lunch dinner supper. 3rd trimesters is the most horrible one. Eat every 2 hour. 5 full meal a day in between snacking away. I just can't control. I gain a total of 22kg giving birth my girl at 36+5 weeks. She weight 3.2kg

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Did you managed to lose the remaining weight after birth?

I eat as per normal, the 3 main meals per day. I lost my appetite in my pregnancy now so i tend to eat smaller portions (used to be a big eater). But i do snack in between as i do feel hungry. Smaller meals throughout the day helped to ease my nausea too. As long as u hv a balanced diet and not hving an empty stomach, should be fine.

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Some days i eat every 2 hours. But some days i dont feel hungry at all, and just eat the usual 3 meals

Eat as and when i like... small amount and more frequent :)

I eat every 2hours. Sometimes, I eat every hour

I eat every 2 hrs.. keep hungry....

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I eat as and when I'm hungry.

I eat as and when i like...

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Go with e flow

3 times a day